Wright Digital has been purchased by My Blue Umbrella, a large Managed Services Provider (MSP) well positioned in Digital Transformation through cloud-based systems and cyber security.

We believe that while both companies are individually strong, combining them together will make us collectively extraordinary. With an improved sales and support offering, our goal is to bring you transformative solutions to help you grow your business.

MBU's signature WORKanyPLACE business process automation offering; a timely methodology to move you to the cloud so you can work anywhere, anytime securely. Timely given our ongoing work from home.

Expect faster response times from a larger group of experienced and knowledgeable technical support staff. Expect a sales team with effective solutions to help you remove your IT problems.


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We helped over 220 companies solve their IT problems last year.
We saved them time and money. We can do the same for you.


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