Systems Implementation

Whether you need to setup an extra computer, or completely replace all your company servers, we can help. We will setup and configure your desktop and laptop computers, servers, and all the software and add-on devices that allow your company to work at its best.


Network Infrastructure

LAN, WAN and wireless networks become more problematic the larger they get. Are your network devices configured correctly, secure or capable of fully supporting your organization? Let us make sure. We have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining small, medium and large networks, however complex, and completely secured.


Systems and Network Administration

Complex hardware, software and network infrastructures require effective onsite and remote monitoring, updating and problem resolution. We offer proactive maintenance plans to keep your systems in peak operating condition. Or, we can provide technicians on temporary or long-term assignments to manage your entire IT needs.


Cabling Services

Moving your office? Let us take care of your Local Area Network cabling needs. We can run cable for data, voice and video, all tested and guaranteed. Our cable installers are fast, inexpensive and no job is too big.


Asset Management and Compliance Consulting

Many company CFOs have no idea what computer equipment and software they own, where it is, whether it’s legal, and if it needs updating. Our experienced technical consultants can provide you with answers.


Data Security

When asked, most companies will say that the safety of data stored on their computers is of critical importance. All too often we find huge security problems during technology audits:

  • Backups are irregular or data cannot be restored.
  • Persistent router attacks bring office internet access to a crawl.
  • Mail servers are slow because of spam and third party relaying.
  • Devices such as routers and firewalls are not properly configured.
  • Use our technical experts to eliminate these problems.


Managed Services

Remote monitoring of individual network components (servers, routers, desktops, laptops and printers) provides the basis for efficient use of technical resources. We have the tools to provide real-time reporting on all platforms (Windows, OS X and UNIX). Using these tools, we give you a virtual window into your network: we can let you know if drive errors indicate an upcoming failure, or whether your backup has run successfully. Beyond reporting, many technical services can be deployed remotely, such as OS patches and anti-virus updates, saving you both time and money.


Technology Audit and Reporting

When you become a Wright Digital client, our first task is to analyze your current systems infrastructure, find out where your technical problems are, and provide you with a set of detailed recommendations on how to solve them.

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